This Changes Everything

Women's Conference

February 24, 2023 • Gilbert Campus

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ASL Interpreted


On a dusty road, filled with people and donkeys traveling to and from… someone was on a mission. Fully committed to their own direction… but something happened.

An encounter.

One where the only response could be…This. Changes. Everything.

Today we all traverse a similar road, whether rocky or dusty, cluttered or smooth. We believe an encounter is coming for you, for those in our community and our world.

This. Changes. Everything.

Don’t miss this impactful night, with special guest, author and preacher Jada Edwards, with praise and worship by Central Music.

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Elevate Speaker: Sam Acho

Sam Acho is an author, public speaker, podcaster, humanitarian and committed Christian. After playing college football at the University of Texas, Sam was drafted into the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals in 2011, and played four seasons as a Cardinal’s linebacker before signing with the Chicago Bears in 2015. Sam is the author of the book, Let the World See You. In his book, he talks about how most of us hide and don’t live up to our full potential.

In his own life, after many years of hiding himself, Sam realized that the person he had become had no connection to his real self. Only when he lost a friend and a mentor did he realize he was doing it all wrong–just like many of us do, when we try to become someone we’re not. When you “let the world see you,” you can embrace the unique gifts, talents and personality you truly possess. The world needs your gifts, and Sam’s book will challenge you to be who God created you to be. Hear more from Sam at Elevate!