It is our desire to mobilize the congregation to participate in the fulfillment of Central's mission and vision through intentional and specific prayer by:

  • Encouraging prayer in every aspect of church life.
  • Providing prayer opportunities.
  • Providing instruction in prayer and prayer ministry.
  • Recruiting volunteers to carry out this ministry.

Doing this allows us, as a Church, to:

  • Ensure that all prayer requests are prayed for.
  • Support Central and its leaders with specific and consistent prayer.

  We want to hear from you!

For more info about how you can get connected to the prayer ministry at Central email: 

Have A Prayer Testimony?

Has God done something really cool as a result of prayer? If so we want to collect those stories so we can rejoice with you. Please take a minute and write down what happened, how God worked and share it with the rest of us. It will be a source of great encouragement to many!