Beyond The Lines

Israel & Palestine Conflict: Peacemaking | Ep. 7

by Todd Deatherage & Lisa Jernigan • JUN 14, 2022

The conflict and violence happening in Israel & Palestine right now is all over world news. However, there is a lot more going in Israel and Palestine that many of us are unaware of. Some loud voices want to make the conflict worse. Is this best for Israel and Palestine? Join us for this special episode of Beyond The Lines as we talk to Lisa Jernigan from Amplify Peace and Todd Deatherage from Telos Group about the complexities and nuances of this conflict. Both of these incredible leaders have been deeply involved with peacemaking in this volatile region for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and perspective to share. Discover with us what it means to be a peacemaker in both the Israel/Palestine conflict and in your own home neighborhood.