Tempe Women


In this seven week study you’ll discover Jesus’ posture on justice. Here’s a hint… it has a lot to do with grace. Even more, you’ll discover what it means to walk with those Jesus walks with, to love those whom Jesus loves, to share a table and a meal with those Jesus eats with, and your role in His plan to love the oppressed, the vulnerable and the marginalized.

Workbook $15

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Campus Event - The Brunch 

Join us for The Brunch, A Central Women event filled with community, fun, laughter, and food! While there, you’ll have an opportunity to meet women from the Tempe Community, as well as find out more about Central and Central Women. You won’t want to miss this special morning, and it’s free! Get more information and register HERE.


We enjoyed meeting you for Community and Crepes. Stay tuned! We are busy planning our next Tempe Connection Event. 


Do you love to get outside and take in the beauty of nature? We do too! And trust us, it's so much better with friends! Join us for some laughs, beautiful scenery, and some great memories hiking the Arizona trails! Email Donna Willey at HikerChicks@CentralAZ.com for more information.

To get more information, email us at Women@CentralAZ.com.