Community resources

Counseling Needs

For a list of Christian counselors, click the box below.

Counseling Info

Crisis Hotline

Empact Suicide Hotline - 480.784.1500
Empact and Value Options provide mobile crisis intervention and counseling services (suicide, severe emotional stress, etc.) and PRC provides in-patient services (these are cost free services).

Maricopa Crisis Line - 602.222.9444
State counseling services, mental and emotional health care.

Psy. Recovery Center - 602.650.1212
Evaluation & inpatient services for mental and emotional disorders.

Financial Needs

Information and Referral Hotline - 877.211.8661
Resources & services available within the community

Mesa Community Action Network - 480.833.9200
Provides assistance with rent, utilities, and repairs for residences. Call to make an appointment.

Salvation Army - 480.833.8322
Financial assistance for medical prescriptions, utilities, transportation vouchers.

AHCCCS - 602.417.4000
State funded healthcare

DES  -602.542.9935
Provides assistance including food stamps,medical care, and childcare.



Immediate housing needs are addressed by shelters. The housing programs listed here provide ongoing assistance for families, not emergency assistance.

CASS (Central Arizona Shelter Services) - 602.256.6945

Family Shelters

Family Housing Hub - 602.595.8700 

East Valley Men’s Center - 480.610.6722

East Valley Women's Center - 480.969.1691

Salvation Army Shelter - 602.267.4130

Save the Family - 480.898.0228

House of Refuge East - 480.988.9242

Homeward Bound - 602.263.7654


Halfway Houses

Halfway houses provide room & board for individuals on a week-to-week basis (approx. 120.00/wk).

Mesa House (Men) - 480.844.2968

Crossroads for Women - 602.274.0730

Autumn House (Women) - 480.835.5555

Chrysalis (Women) - 480.481.0402


Food Banks/Groceries

United Food Bank - 480.926.4897

358 E. Javelina Ave. Mesa 

*Open every Friday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

Mesa Food Bank - 480.986.9827

752 S. Ellsworth Rd Mesa 

*Worship service followed by food distribution on Sundays at 5 p.m.