I Am

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It all started around a table. A group of women, sharing a meal. Then one woman asked…“What does God call you?” Women started answering, “God calls me beautiful.” “God calls me beloved.” “God calls me His daughter.” Then a woman answered….“I am His daughter.” “I am beautiful.” The conversation shifted from acknowledging what the Bible says about us, to actually embracing the identity we have in Christ. We invite you to join us as we dive into who God says you are. Discovering the truth in God’s Word and His insatiable love for you. (Spoiler alert…He’s loved you for forever, and the Bible is His love letter to you!)

Life is  busy for everyone. Schedules change, vacations happen, kids, school, etc...we get it! With an online format, you can stay connected and study the Bible with many other women of Central at any time from anywhere! 

Registration coming soon!